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After previously attending multiple dance schools I can confidently say that Joel is wonderful and an excellent teacher for both beginners and more experienced dancers as he always makes lessons fun and interesting. There is an encouraging and positive atmosphere and Joel is really great at tailoring the lesson to the needs of the student(s), taking the time to explain things in various different ways until you get it! The studio is a lovely space to dance in too.

Hannah Grunwerg

We are a couple who didn't dance at all until we retired and have now been lucky enough to have had lessons with Joel for the last 5 years.

Joel is passionate about dance, he is happy to teach beautiful basics or more technical choreography and treats both with the same skill, enthusiasm, encouragement and endless patience.

We have gone from being a couple who just wanted lessons to allow us to dance on holiday or at social events, to finding that our lessons are not only fun but also a great physical and mental workout. In our opinion, the lessons are the best part of dancing.

We would not hesitate to recommend Joel as an instructor to any age or level of ability.

Ann and Mike Stephenson

I started my dance training with Joel at age 7, when I was introduced to many different styles that he offers. First I took classes in ballet and street jazz and after that I fell in love with the welcoming atmosphere and pure encouragement that my teachers provided me with, that I decided to take up Latin American, contemporary and commercial. Through training in different styles, it has given me many advantages throughout my studying which I am constantly grateful for. Not only did Joel provide me with technical and creative knowledge, he also allowed me to gain practice in performance with the annual shows which welcomed large audiences, these now happen every 10 weeks providing even more performance opportunities. My training allowed me to gain a place on the CAT Scheme at Northern Contemporary School of Dance.


Joel's training was a key part of my growing as a dancer and a person, as the support and acceptance he provides is one that you rarely find. My lessons would be the favourite part of my week because the energy was always so high and everyone was there because they wanted to learn and progress. The teaching is impeccable!!  Joel, has been crucial in my training as he constantly challenged me and encouraged me to be the best I could be, which allowed me to get where I am today.

After training for two years at CAPA College, I now study in London at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, something I know I wouldn’t be doing without the training, love and support that I got from him.

Gabbi Dessi

I trained with Joel Chapman from 2008-2010.

Without his coaching I wouldn't have gone on to study dance with the view of becoming a professional dancer. His training re-inspired my love and passion for dance and also introduced me to Ballroom & Latin.  The energy of the teaching was exceptional and the studios were fun, challenging and inspiring. They make you feel like family!

I am now working as a professional London based dancer after training successfully at Trinity Laban. I have worked with Tavaziva dance, productions with the Royal Opera House, directing and dancing for Contemporary Hybrid Dance, featured in international viral dance film 'edifice'. I have also collaborated with BAFTA award winning director Tinge Krishnan on the Netflix film 'Been So Long'

If you are looking for a school that can push you to be the best as follow your dreams, choose Joel!

Harriett Waghorn

I have regular weekly lessons with Joel and I love it. Joel makes every lesson enjoyable whilst still being technically challenging. He is extremely encouraging and supportive with endless patience for hips that won’t move quite as they should! He helped train me to win the silver category in ISTD Finals in Blackpool, and more recently we successfully took part in our first pro-am, Killick Royale, and Blackpool pro-am where I made the Latin final. Joel has the ability to teach all levels of ability in a positive and inclusive way so that everyone enjoys the lessons and gets something out of it. Having lived in London for 15yrs I have previously taken lessons at a number of the top studios, and Joel is up there with the best.

Debbiella Camacho

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